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If you do not see the products you are looking for, please call Katie at (208) 721-1562 with inquiry/questions. 

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Bulk Beef Orders
Bulk Beef Orders are BACK!!! We are only able to take these orders via phone (call or text) or email. 
PLEASE CONTACT US WITH INQUIRY/QUESTIONS- KATIE (208) 721-1562 or woodriverranchbeef@yahoo.com

Buying in bulk has never been easier! We take out the guess work, hidden costs, and extra work for you with our bulk beef orders.

We've put together three bulk order sizes:
     -Quarter (approx. 100 lbs of beef)
     -Half (approx. 200 lbs of beef)
     -Whole (approx. 400 lbs beef)

These include an assortment of steaks, roast, ground, short ribs, and stew meat. Our current rate is $8.50/lb and this cost includes tax, cut, wrap, and delivery directly to your house.

*Please call Katie at (208)721.1562 with further questions.