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Ordering Beef from us is Easy!

  • We do not require a minimum order. You can buy as much or as little beef as you desire.

  • We sell a wide variety of products. You can get our beef anywhere from a single 1 lb package of ground beef to a whole beef (400 lbs of assorted steaks,roasts,and ground).

  • We have all of our beef vacuum-packaged so it's guaranteed to last for an extended time in your freezer.

  • The price per pound you see on our products is the price you pay. Tax is included. There aren't any hidden costs. On our bulk orders, all butcher fees (cut, wrap, etc) are included. 

If you are local (Wood River Valley, Twin Falls,

               Boise, Southern Idaho, etc):

In the summer months (June-September) come and see us at the Ketchum or Hailey Farmers Markets! Look for our big concession's hard to miss us. 
Or YEAR ROUND simply order on here & select "local pickup" or "local delivery" on the delivery method. For local pickup, we will arrange a contactless pickup for you. The pickup will be done at our ranch which can be found at: SH 75, Bellevue, ID 83313.
For a fee, you may select "local delivery". Please note that delivery times will vary based on your location.  Just let us know what works best for you! 

If you live outside of Idaho or in Northern Idaho:

Due to recent shipping delays, please call us if you would like an order shipped. We will discuss the most efficient way to ship you our product.   Please call Katie at (208) 721-1562 to arrange shipping or if you have any further questions. 
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