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We Make Ordering in Bulk Easy!

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Bulk from us:
  1. Buying beef in bulk has never been easier! We've made the work for the customer minimal.
  2. Save a ton of money! Our current cost is $8.50/lb..that's it- NO HIDDEN COSTS. You'll get an assortment of ground, roast, and premium steaks ALL FOR $8.50/lb.
  3. Convenience! Save yourself the hassle of having to run to the grocery store for beef. Stock your freezer full of our delicious grass-fed, grass-finished beef!
  4. Enjoy trying new recipes. With the assortment of cuts you receive with your bulk order, you can branch out and try new recipes. 
  5. Have peace of mind knowing you are feeding your family the best LOCAL grass-fed, grass-finished beef!

Ok I'm Convienced!

How do I Order??

We've made the process of ordering beef in bulk easy on the customer!

  1. You choose the size (quarter, half, whole beef) based on what best suits your family.

  2. Call or email us with ANY questions (208) 721-1562 or

  3. Don't worry about having to decide what cuts you want, having to talk to a butcher, pay additional butchering fees, etc...We've done all the work for you!                                    to see what cuts you'll get! 

  4. If you want to make slight changes* to the cuts you will receive, we will be happy to accommodate you! 

  5. Place your order online (quarter) or over the phone/email (half or whole). 

  6. Once your beef is ready, pick up at the ranch or pay a small delivery fee (Please allow us up to one month to fill your order).

  7. ENJOY YOUR DELICIOUS GRASS-FED, GRASS-FINISHED BEEF! & all the money you saved by buying in bulk!! 

*changes will be made based on availability & price comparison

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